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Sustainable Development

Viridian Group has been crafted with a solitary aim to bring about sustainability measures in the construction industry.

We bring in self sustainability through our “Eco-Smart” principles which are driven by the theme of “Sustainability” and “Sustainable Development”.

Hollow Blocks Structural Integrity

Furthering its aim, the Viridian Group has now established Viridian Blocks. Here, we manufacture Fly Ash Hollow Concrete Blocks.

This product will not only revolutionize structural integrity but also result in huge and lasting environmental benefits as compared to the products available in the market.

Comarative Analysis For 100 Sq.Ft Masonry Wall:



AAC Blocks

Viridian Blocks

For 100sqft Surface area Size 6″x4″x9″)400×8 =3200 Size (6″x9.5″x25″) 62×100=6200 Size (6″x16″x7.5″) 115×40 =4600
1 Plastering Cost (Rs) 4000 4000 Nil
Mortar Cost (Rs) 20 buckets (600) + 1bag cement = 900 650 300
Masonry Cost (Rs) 1500 1500 1500
Steel (Rs) 500 350 Nil
Total Cost / Brass (Rs) 10100 12,700 6400


Advantages :

  • Minimum 40% savings over cost of brick masonry.
  • 100% savings on internal plaster.
  • 60% savings on external plaster (3 mm silicon texture/ready plaster can be used)
  • 100% savings on water application for curing.
  • Minimum 8º- 10º temperature difference thus reducing the AC loads by 50%.
  • Provides good sound, heat and fire insulation.
  • 60% cost savings for concealed plumbing and electrical fittings.
  • Hollow blocks are highly durable as are manufactured with precision, vibration and using pressure, thus are three times stronger than conventional bricks.
  • Hollow blocks are Environment friendly as they do not use river sand, and also use of fly ash helps to restore the use of waste. (CRIHA, ICBC Certified)
  • 40% cost effective, low maintenance and easy to use as compared to conventional bricks, fly ash bricks and AAC blocks.
  • Hollow blocks provides best thermal and sound insulation: The air in hollow of the block, does not allow outside heat or cold in the house. So it keeps house cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Recommended for earth quake.

Composition Of The Block:

Engineered hollow concrete blocks are composed of cement Fly Ash, Manufactured Sand, Aggregate and Admixture.

Hollow Block

Solid Block

Lighter in Weight Double in Weight
Plastering is optional Plastering Thickness should be 24mm
Dry Shrinkage is less Dry Shrinkage is more
Compressive Strngth of 80kg/ minimum is achieved Compressive Strngth is less than 40kg/


Embodied Energy:

It is the sum of energy inputs used to manufacture the product, from the point of extraction to its disposal. Lower the embodied energy, lower the carbon footprint. Evidently, Viridian blocks Hollow Blocks contribute in reduction of Global Carbon Emissions. Hollow Blocks are highly recommended for Green Building Certifications like LRIHA, ISLBC, USLBC.


Total Embodied Carbon Di-Oxide/CBM, Kg, Co2

Viridian Hollow Concrete Block (Up to 80 compressive strength) 51
Solid Concrete Block (Up to Compressive Strength) 134
Solid Aerated Block (AAC Blocks M5) 248
Conventional Clay Bricks 372

Specification of 4″, 6″, 8″ Hollow Blocks:



8″ (200 X 400 X 190)mm

6″ (150 X 400 X 190)mm

4″ (100 X 400 X 190)mm

Weight (kg) 18 15 12
No. Of Blocks in 1 Sq.Ft 1.2 1.2 1.2
No. Of Blocks in 1 Sq.m 13.1 13.1 13.1
No. Of Blocks in 1 Cu.Ft 6.25 8.13 12.19
No. Of Blocks in 1 Cum 65.78 87.71 131.58
No. Of Blocks in 1 Truck Load (10MT) 550 650 835
MRP / Block 45 42 38

Viridian Engineered Masonry Features:

  • Masonary’s adaptability to design forms, richness in texture, modern adaptation for structural requirements, minimum maintainance, and cost competitivness with other materials make ita preferred material for today’s buildings. The Innovative features of masonary will help meet and exceed your needs of function and aesthetics.
  • Masonary wall can also act as an interior finish surface, provide fire resistive structure, which is infiltration free. It provides a large amount of mass for maintaning temperature, stability and is resistant to sound transmission.
  • Fly Ash is added as a functional component to enhance durablity, which is Environmentally Sustainable.
  • It is manufactured from natural and locally available materials.
  • Any desired colour can be achieved using iron based pigments.
  • Plastering is optional and paints can be directly applied on the masonary.
  • Services Such as Plastering and Electrical can run through the hollow cavity of the blocks, thus avoiding the chasing of blocks.