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About Us

About VIRIDIAN Groups….!

Viridian takes its name from the Latin word viridis, meaning “green”. In times like today, where ghosts of climate change, rising emission levels, pollution and fast depleting resources haunt us, Viridian Group has been crafted with a solitary aim to bring about sustainability measures in the construction industry.

We bring in self sustainability through our “Eco-Smart” principles which are driven by the theme of “Sustainability” and “Sustainable Development”.


Furthering its aim, the Viridian Group has now established Viridian Blocks. Here, we manufacture Fly Ash Hollow Concrete Blocks.
This product will not only revolutionize structural integrity but also result in huge and lasting environmental benefits
as compared to the products available in the market.

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Viridian Concepts is an independent organization dedicated to promoting sustainable architectural practices. Viridian Concepts works with conservative groups, resource professionals, and other organizations and
individuals who share their passion for sustainable practices.As architects, the firm follow standards which are practiced widely across India & abroad and are globally accepted.

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